Alverno Laboratories Plan Benefit Elevation program

The Alverno Laboratories Plan allows you to get the best cost through the use of AMITA Network (Tier 1) providers. If you live 20 miles from AMITA Tier 1 providers, we have a Benefits Elevation program to address your health care needs while getting care at a Tier 1 network cost.

When no AMITA Network of Tier 1 providers is available within 20 miles, the National Network (Tier 2) of Blue Cross Blue Shield is available and it can be elevated to Tier 1 through the Benefits Elevation program. Please note that the program does not apply benefits retroactively and does not occur automatically.


For more details on the Benefits Elevation program, download the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document through the link below:


There is an online form to request Benefits Elevation if you find you do not have a provider in your area who is in Tier 1, AMITA Network. Make sure to read ALL instructions and information before filling out the form:


If you have questions about the Benefit Elevation benefit, please call 1 (844) 699-7573 or email

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