Verify Benefits


Verify Benefits

Providers have several ways of verifying eligibility for an ABS participant:

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Verifying Eligibility Online

ABS allows providers who have registered with us to verify eligibility 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The ABS Provider Portal allows providers to access member eligibility, benefit and claim information online. 

Access the ABS Provider Portal

For registered users

New Portal User

New providers must submit a registration form to access.
New User Application

Additional User Access

Providers who should be added or removed to an existing account must submit an Add/Term User form to access.
Add or Terminate User Application



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Verifying Eligibility via Fax

FaxRecall is available for use by all providers. The system enables a provider to acquire patient and dependent eligibility, a schedule of benefits and status on claims for the specified family. The provider only has access to his patients to ensure patient confidentiality.

The provider simply needs to enter their fax number, their Tax Identification Number and the participant’s identification number into the FaxRecall System. A fax will then be generated to the fax number entered, giving all of the information indicated above.

Providers can access the FaxRecall System directly by dialing 888-494-4600 or through customer service.



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Verifying Eligibility via Phone

If you have attempted to verify eligibility via Fax and/or Online and are encountering difficulties you may contact our Customer Service Department at the telephone number on the back of the patient’s ID card and they will assist you.

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