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How Can You Improve Company Culture?

Company culture can be defined as the shared set of goals, attitudes, and values that characterize a company. It usually consists of values that have been established by leadership at the organization. It is important to understand your company’s culture because it can help you increase engagement and enhance productivity in the long run. Your employees want to work in an office where they feel like they fit in with the established culture. So, how can you improve this experience for them? 

Introducing Ignite

Ignite is a social wellbeing solution that strengthens corporate culture, increases employee engagement, and enhances productivity. Virgin Pulse Ignite offers a variety of wellbeing challenges used to shift your organization’s activity into high gear where friendly competition results in a big score.

Ignite can improve company culture by: 

  • Getting your workforce moving
  • Breaking down organization barriers
  • Driving program awareness and participation

Your employees will love our mobile-first platform that combines relevant content, robust tracking, and rewards and incentives all in one place.

The importance of company culture

By improving your company’s culture, you are: 

  • Increasing retention rates among your employees
  • Establishing lasting social connections 
  • Driving employee engagement
  • Creating a strong image of your company 

How Ignite works 

  1. Enroll and empower: Keep your workforce engaged with the dynamic Virgin Pulse challenge engine that combines visually rich, interactive content and flexible team configurations that keep the program fresh and inviting
  2. Assess, improve, and reward: Access built-in tools to help employees understand risks and measure progress
  3. Amp up your culture: Configure challenges that reinforce your brand, rally employees around company values and launch strategic initiatives
  4. Gain actionable insights: Access rich, visual reporting about all aspects of your program, including health trends, engagement, program usage and rewards

Ready to start improving your company’s culture? Join leading organizations around the world who are achieving breakthrough results by improving the health and wellbeing of their workforce with Virgin Pulse Ignite. Learn more about Virgin Pulse Ignite here.

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