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Everything You Need to Know About TPAs

Since 1997, ABS has been helping clients affordably manage their healthcare costs through third-party administration services. What is a third-party administrator (TPA)? In the Health Insurance Industry, a TPA is an organization that processes insurance claims or certain parts of employee benefit plans for a separate entity. For ABS, as a third-party administrator, we work closely with our clients to help them manage their benefit plans. We are able to manage the day-to-day for them so they can focus on their business. Here are some other services we offer as TPAs: 

Services We Offer as a TPA 

  • Cost Containment: Our proprietary cost containment system targets savings in provider up-coding and unbundling, subrogation opportunities, alternative network savings, hospital credit balances, inaccuracies, and fraud.
  • Dedicated Client Services Team: Our dedicated team provides plan reporting, assists in enrollment and employee meetings, handles group paperwork and amendments, ensures client compliance, and acts as a liaison on client claim issues. Your customer support team will be staffed according to your needs and expectations.
  • Customer Service Monitoring: To ensure excellent consistent customer experience, we have electronic recording, and archiving of customer service calls.
  • Real-Time Data Access: Our fully integrated data systems give you real-time updates between claims, customer service, billing, eligibility and enrollment, authorizations and managed care services.
  • Account Setup: Experience efficient coordination of banking arrangements including account establishment and reconciliation to meet your needs, as well as timely run-in and run-out periods for your benefits.

Why Use a TPA? 

At ABS, we can customize a health benefit plan for your employees that meets their needs and yours. We handle all of the administrative work including the services listed above, so you don’t have to. TPAs are great because they can give you some outside perspective. We have experience in the healthcare industry so that we can create the most worthwhile plans for our clients. 

About ABS

Year after year, ABS ranks favorably among its competition in both operational and financial performance. Our team of over 200 professionals deliver documented excellence in enrollment and billing, claims adjudication and administration, client services and support, and customer communications.

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