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Understanding the Role a TPA Plays

A TPA is a third-party administrator. You may have heard this phrase a couple of times, but especially when doing research on employee benefits and health plans. Since 1997, ABS has been helping clients affordably manage their healthcare costs through third-party administration services. This allows us to process claims or certain parts of employee benefit plans for a separate entity.

As a third-party administrator, ABS works closely with our clients to help manage their benefit plans.

Understanding the role a TPA plays is important because it will help you understand the many benefits that come with using TPA services. 

TPA’s work closely with their clients 

We work closely with our clients to offer a personalized experience. Our flexibility and willingness to work with the client is how we are able to contain costs for them. Our goal is to help them manage their benefit plans and meet all of their needs in the process. 

There is a large TPA market 

The TPA market is growing every day. It is a trend that has increased in the healthcare industry because of the amazing results it has produced. More and more people are choosing to utilize TPA services because of how helpful and beneficial plans administered by TPAs are. Our highly personalized services and affordable prices make us a great option for employers. 

They can handle all administrative work 

Half the battle when it comes to owning a business can be all of the tedious administrative work you have to handle. Our dedicated team provides plan reporting, assists in enrollment and employee meetings, handles group paperwork and amendments, ensures client compliance, and acts as a liaison on client claim issues. Your customer support team will be staffed according to your needs and expectations. You won’t have to worry about dealing with administrative work when you work with a TPA. 

Year after year, ABS ranks favorably among its competition in both operational and financial performance. We can offer custom benefits administration to suit your unique needs.
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