Custom Benefit Solutions


Custom Benefit Solutions

Design a Custom Provider Network just for you.

ABS provides hospital systems with complete flexibility in designing a custom provider network for hospital systems and health plans. We have experience with several large hospital systems, both regional and national, and can offer secondary network solutions to broaden access to care.

Benefits of a custom provider network

  • Cost savings on claims
  • Guidance to appropriate sites of care

ABS can help you design a custom provider network:

  1. Steer you to in-network facilities or providers
  2. Handle professional and facility fee schedules
  3. Maintain providers, tiers, etc.
  4. Help with navigating the custom network
  5. Work to determine the best option for a secondary/wrap (tier 2) network
  6. Offer an EPO if you only want access to your own providers

Our Provider Maintenance team will build, load, and test your custom provider list, as well as maintain any associated fee schedules and updates thereof.

We also offer additional resources:

  • Provider search functionality
  • Provider portal
  • Provider information center
  • Provider manual
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