Online Enrollment


Online Enrollment

ABS enables employers to streamline their benefits enrollment process and ensure accuracy in eligibility and premium billing with Smarte.

Smarte combines state-of-the art technology and the benefit expertise of ABS personnel in a comprehensive benefit solution featuring:

  • Web-based enrollment tools for employers and employees
  • Controlled eligibility parameters that allow employees to view and enroll in only those benefits available to them
  • Consolidated billing and carrier reconciliation services

Online enrollment

Smarte technology automates the enrollment and benefit selection process for employees while providing reporting and administrative oversight for employers.

The Smarte Enrollment component features:

  • Rules-based enrollment
  • Election comparison tools
  • Self-serve and self-help
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant

Eligibility Management

Once employees are enrolled, the work has just begun- the task of maintaining enrollment and eligibility can be a full time job, and with the potential for varying eligibility rules between carriers, the task can become complex very quickly.

By utilizing Smarte, employers easily maintain accurate eligibility during the open enrollment process, and have an efficient method for processing status changes, new hires and terminations throughout the year.

Consolidated Billing

Utilizing data integrated with our Smarte enrollment and eligibility systems, ABS Enrollment staff relieves employers of reconciling eligibility, disbursing payments to carriers, and reconciling monthly bills for adjustments and ensures accuracy and cost containment in monitoring credits and debits.

For more information about the ABS Smarte system, contact your ABS Sales Representative.

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